Ironite puts back into the soil: Calcium Sulfate, Boron, Iron, Manganese, Molybdate and Zinc, as well as a very light amount of Nitrogen and Potash. These micronutients will add to your plants & lawns overall health and beauty without risk of burning your lawn as with other lawn fertilizers. The Ironite Plus 12-10-10 is not labeled for use in potted plants. Please check with the Home Depot garden department to find a product labeled for this type of use. Thank you. Using Ironite along with your general fertilizer is good to do as well since Ironite will put the minerals back into the soil. There are several organic all purpose fertilzers available as well. Consult your local Home Depot for selections in your area. Ironite is a popular fertilizer sold to green up lawns and plants in home gardens, golf courses and athletic fields. Data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency shows Ironite has — by a wide margin — the highest levels of arsenic of all fertilizer products surveyed. Ironite also contains lead. Dec 17, 2018 · Ironite is a supplemental fertilizer that contains nitrogen, potash, and minerals. It contains ingredients that will promote quick greening of lawn grasses, as well as slow-release ingredients for.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE FOR LAWNS: For best results, mow the lawn and water it well one to two days before you apply Ironite Mineral Supplement 1-0-1. Apply as needed every 30-60 days throughout the growing season. Fill spreader and set settings according to the chart below. Apply this product to either a. Shop our selection of Lawn Fertilizer in the section of Lawn & Grass Care in the Outdoors Department at The Home Depot Canada. It's probably cheaper to fertilize than replace topsoil. However, if you do decide to replace the topsoil, there are usually places that will fill up your pickup bed for far cheaper than home depot or lowes. Home depot used to sell topsoil in serious bulk amounts, but not any longer. Ironite brand iron-based mineral supplements and fertilizers provide the answer you need to restore pale, yellow lawns and plants to rich, vibrant green. Specially formulated to overcome pale color caused by nutrient deficiencies, Ironite supplements and fertilizers help you maintain a beautiful green lawn and gardens all season long.

Shop ironite 15-lb soil conditioner ironite in the soil amendments section of. Jun 17, 2012 · Tips on how to apply Ironite fertilizer on your yard. Ironite is a quick greening supplement that you can use on your trees, shrubs, vegetables, and.

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